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Go is a traditional boardgame that is very simple but can be very complex. I was introduced to it by my spouse’s brother while during a trip to Thailand. He recommended that I watch Hikaru No Go. I started watching a few episodes and it was really good. I choose to look at the series…

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Pionjär / Pioneer

I was surfing a site selling stuff on auction and found a game me and my brothers used to play when we stayed at my grandparents. I couldn’t resist bidding on it and I’m currently waiting for the action to finish in 9 days. In the game you try to make money in the west…

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Playing Cube Quest with my brother

My younger brother Henrik and his twins visited us last week. One of the things we manged to do was to play a few games of Cube Quest:. Cube Quest: is a fast paced and easy game with no complicated rules. You place your dice on the board how ever you want and try to…

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Tjuv och Polis – Thief and Police

My kids new favorite game is an old classic from Alga. The thieves try to steal as much money as possible from banks and post offices while the police tries to catch them. My kids always want’s to play as the thieves, figures! The game gets quite exciting for the kids as they are chased…

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July Game Day

It seems like it’s always hard to get the group together during summer time. Vacations abroad, visiting relatives and other activities demand a lot from us family folk. Despite this we actually managed to get four of us together for a few games. It was quite complicated and I’m sure we missed a few of…

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DnDeeples for Lords of Waterdeep

Since Lords of Waterdeep was such a big hit with my play group I decided to invest in more theme for the game. I placed an order for a set of DnDeeples from Danny Perello which arrived today.  

Designing a Game

When I was younger I played a roleplaying game called Ars Magica where you were basically every player was a wizard as they were the main characters. It had one of the best rules for magic that I’ve encountered and the way to get better was to gather different magical resources associated with different kinds…

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My missing Marvel HeroScape figures

A while back I orderd three different starter sets for HeroScape. I was very frustrated about the fact that the figures in the Marvel set were missing but after having contacted Noble Knight Games the promised to send the figures from another set they had. I just got the missing figures from the HeroScape Mavel…

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Ghost Stories Expansion

I ordered White Moon, one of  the expansion for Ghost Stories, today. Ghost Stories has been one of my favorite games ever since I bought it. I intend to by the second expansion Black Secret as soon as I have enough money for it.

Game day

Once every other month me and my friends get together to play board games. Everyone brings the games they own and we also bring new games we think the others might like. We start at eleven and play for about two or three hours and then the person we are at serves lunch. After lunch…

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