The lid for the boardgame Pionjär

Pionjär / Pioneer


I was surfing a site selling stuff on auction and found a game me and my brothers used to play when we stayed at my grandparents.

The lid for the boardgame Pionjär
The swedish bIoardgame Pionjär from Alga.

I couldn’t resist bidding on it and I’m currently waiting for the action to finish in 9 days.

In the game you try to make money in the west by starting a farm and you either try your luck with crops and forests or try to find gold and fish or pelts. It’s very thematic and fun.


As you can see on the board you arrive on ship on the east coast and try to get to the farm of your choice before any one else go there. I can’t wait to play this with my kids and brothers again!

The board for Pionjär
The board.

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